3 Part Specs for:
Monitor www.TURNSTILES.us Revolving Doors

Models RD-70, Bullet Resistant Option Available

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1.01 Drawings and General Provisions as specified apply to this Section.

1.02 Product Data - Manufacturer's general description for each item and related components. For specific information, see catalog. 1.02 Product Data - Manufacturer's general description for each item and related components. For specific information, see catalog.

1.03 Shop drawings submitted upon request.

1.04 www.TURNSTILES.us revolving doors can be used in day/night mode giving free passage during regular working hours and controlled passage after hours. For increased security revolving doors can be armored to level one bullet resistant.


2.01 Revolving door models as manufactured by www.TURNSTILES.us, Conifer, CO..

2.02 Monitor SERIES - www.TURNSTILES.us Revolving Doors

  • Passage width: RD70 with 33"
  • Construction: A full security tamper resistant www.TURNSTILES.us revolving door with three vanes positioned at 120 from each other incorporate a precise automatic rest for each position with shock suppression and anti-backup features.
  • Materials; The door vanes constructed with 6005T6 anodized aluminum extrusion minimum combined thickness ¼", and level one bullet resistant " polycarbonate using a brush seal to limit air infiltration. Cage panels constructed of anodized aluminum 6005T6 extrusions minimum thickness " and scratch resistant polycarbonate 3/16" thickness. Canopy ceiling constructed of anodized aluminum minimum thickness 1/8" over treated steel frame.
  • Control Mechanism: Advance modular design equipped with auto indexing, adjustable shock suppression, permanently lubricated bearings, harden alloy cams and locking bars.
  • Programmable logic controller interfaces with most input devices such as card reader systems, push buttons, fingerprint scanners and key pads.
  • Standard movements are: uncontrolled traffic flow both directions; controlled traffic flow-one direction; controlled traffic flow-other direction; controlled traffic flow both directions; Available in standard Fail-lock (lock on power failure) or Fail-open (open on power failure) modes. Detection zone is equipped with audible alarms and lockout cycle forcing a person to back in the event of piggy backing.

2.03 OPTIONS FOR Monitor(TM) www.TURNSTILES.us Revolving Doors

  • Level one bullet resistant steel armor with anodized aluminum covering installed in cage panels and roof of canopy. To specify use suffix A after model number.
  • Traffic light control module with low voltage leds red, yellow and green.
  • Remote Control Console with remote alarms and push button station.
  • Canopy lighting installed with low voltage lamps.


  • Installation; purchaser to install units in accordance with manufacturer's shop . drawings and installation manual.
  • Warranty: Units are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for . a period of one year from date of delivery. See Warranty information for specific details.



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