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Source Link Distribution Facility, Chicago
Card Access Turnstile & Gate $9,982.50

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We provide complete, Turn-Key Systems, including
Turnstile Installation
Card Access Programming
Owner Training
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We provide Engineering, Documentation, and Equipment for Turn-Key
EntraPASS Card Access Systems * Proximity Photo-ID Badging & Biometric Access
3 - Custom Color Single Turnstiles, 3 - Biometric Fingerprint Readers with Keypad, 2 - HID Prox Readers, EntraPASS Card Access Software, Aluminum Framed Lexan Paneled Cage
(3) Turnstiles, Gate, Biometric Fingerprint
Scanners, & HID Card Readers with Aluminum Frame
& Lexan Panels $49,982.50

Client List Includes: Abbott Laboratories, Alcoa Aluminum, Alawai Tunsi & Brothers Hospital, Accudata Systems,Air Force Institute of Technology, Amalgamated Sugar, Allen Canning, Archer Daniels Midland, Boeing, Boom Town Casino, Carleton College, Canadian Embassy, Chugach, Chevron Texaco, Chicago Tribune Company, Children's Hospital Med Ctr, Citizens National Bank, Clorox Products, Corning Inc., Compaq Computers, Continental Dental, Cox Cable, DCA Logistics, Department of Defense, Experience Music Project, F A A Goverment, First Calgary Savings, Flav-O-Rich Dairies, LLC, Ford Motor Company, Fort Bliss, General Dynamics, Greenpeace, Hastings Race Course, Haynes International, Honeywell Aerospace, Jamestown Regional Medical Center, Kearney & O'Banion, Lawrence Livermore, Lernout and Hauspie, Littleton Historical Museum, Los Alamos National Laboratory, LSG SkyChefs, Magee-Womens Hospital, Malone College, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, Mobil Oil, Motorola ICSD Division, National Endowment for the Humanities, New Regency Films. Northrop Grumman, NutraSweet Corp., Okeechobee Federal Court Bldg, ONIZUKA CESJV - AIR FORCE, Paine Webber, click on client list for additional information


AV-PHP-2APhotoelectric Sensor, Circuit Type SPDT, Sensing Range 22.9 Feet, Contact Current Rating 3 Amps, Response

$ 808.50

Photoelectric Sensor, Circuit Type SPDT, Sensing Range 32.8 Feet,
 Contact Current Rating 3 Amperes, Response Time 15 Milliseconds,
Height 3.5 Inches, Depth 2.95 Inches, Width 1.02 Inches,
Maximum AC Voltage Range 24-240 Volts, Maximum DC Voltage
Range 12-240 Volts, Retroreflective, Time Delay,
includes right angle mounting bracket

Retroreflective, General Duty, Time Delay
Use with or without Reflector
Circuit Type SPDT
Height (In.) 3.5
Depth (In.) 2.95
Width (In.) 1.02
Volts Range Max. AC 24-240
Volts Range Max. DC 12-240
Sensing Range (Ft.) 9.8
Type Conduit Connection
Max. Amps 3
Response Time (ms) 15



Electronic Counter, Counts per Second 1000, Number of Digits 8, Mount Style Panel, Length 2.05 Inches,
$ 217.77

Electronic Counter with Photobeam
Electronic Counter, Counts per Second 1000, Number of Digits 8,
Mount Style Panel, Length 2.05 Inches, Width 1.06 Inches, Depth 1.2 Inches,
Totalizer, Unidirectional, Count Up



$ 149.75

Relay,Time Delay 
Time Delay Relay, Coil Voltage 120 VAC, Contact Form SPDT,
Contact Current Rating Resistive 8 Amps, Power Rating @ 120 VAC 1/3 HP,
Power Rating  @ 240 VAC 1/3 HP, Maximum Time Range 12 Minutes,
 Minimum Time Range 6 Seconds, Pins 8, Electromechanical Relay Reset Timer,
Plug In




$ 162.20

Universal Horn in a compact 3.361" Diamater Size. Moisture-Seal Cover.
Can be mounting in brick, concrete block, drywall and acoustic tile.
 Indoor or Outdoor Mount.

105db SPL 1W1M

turnstiles with access control, metal detection, photo id badging and cctv recording

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We provide complete Turn-Key Systems including Card Access and CCTV

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Complete Do-it-yourself Turnstile w/Card Access Installation Kit

GSA & HubZone & Military Clearance

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